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FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 3:00am EST
that was naked. is that the grammies? >> no that was michael jackson's funeral. >> very inappropriate. >> very inappropriate. >> it took the attention off michael. >> and we don't need that. >> they can't do it on the red carpet either. they can't wear anything like on the red carpet. >> i hate when you ask questions like this. >> do you think these memos will work? these guys are rebels. you tell them to do something and they will be like, f-you, memo. we will do our thing or thang. >> i hear on twitter, everybody will wear a livestrong bracelet. i want to see everybody in the old bjork costumes. >> that was one of the best. bill, you are told every day you are unacceptable for broadcast and you come back. >> i can't believe i am still on. usually they put a big blur on me. >> it doesn't matter to me. got my laptop up. i wonder if she has ever had a nude scene. indeed she has. next. you see the notebook, bam. it is fun. do whatever you want. >> background music and offices everywhere. it is part of a reorganization by the parent company mood media. the music name will be retired. the brand wa
FOX News
Feb 6, 2013 12:00am PST
, thank you, michael jackson. >> so are these video makers i would imagine by now. i mean if this is a sign of the the -- really, if this is a sign that north korea's technical prowess it will be decades before they invent the vcr, never mind a nuclear weapon. >> it is almost encouraging. how can a country without a decent u tube video have a nuclear weapon? is it possible it could be made of tin foil and a coat hangar? >> the sad thing is "we are the world" is a new song for them. it is the number one korean billboard 100. the problem is where i live, if you want something done, you get a crazy cousin to do it and see if they get in trouble. that's where north korea is. it is not that north korea is the problem. who will come to north korea and say i know you are so crazy, but we want you to do this. try this, crazy cousin. syria or iran figure out that north korea is this crazy, they could really do some damage. >> that's an interesting theory. a lot of times it is what me and andy do with bill when we are out drinking. bill, we are hungry. go in there and steal somethin
FOX News
Feb 22, 2013 12:00am PST
. >> michael jackson's estate contacted them and said well done. >> if you watch -- not the call of duty one, but it talks about how evil the propaganda machine is from beauty care products to george bush. you are watching it going, this is what my friends in new york say every day. >> it could have been done downtown. >> send kim jung-u.n "zero dark 30". >>> so a lawsuit be filed over a love child? a 33-year-old missouri woman is suing a drug company after receiving a letter from the firm telling her her birth control pills with not in the correct order three months after she became pregnant. she gave birth in early 2012 and filed a lawsuit against the company earlier this month, and what is she suing for? the cost it takes to raise a child which i believe is in the hundreds of dollars. >> let's go to the center of the story for comment. >> i believe that was a frog. that wasn't actually the child. would you do the same thing if you were in her shoes? we haven't looked it up yet. i'm assuming she has shoes. if you were wearing her shoes, would you sue? >> i think she has a case. i don't thi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)